Kamikaze - Petey Pablo

Kamikaze is the fourth studio album by rapper Twista. The album was released on January 24, 2004 on the Atlantic Records label. The album features five singles: “Slow Jamz”, “Overnight Celebrity”, “So Sexy” (and its remix), and “Sunshine”. Kamikaze performed very well on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts at the number one spot. As a result, the album went platinum by the RIAA. Elsewhere, Kamikaze charted at 76 in Australia and 19 in the UK. According to his official website, Twista stated that he made Kamikaze to show that he was still true to the ideals that he had when he started out. “I represent for the MCs that have skills, not just make music for the hell of it. I take the time to concentrate. Otherwise, I could have 10 albums out there, easy. I could sit down all day and write something. But I write when I get in a zone more than writing because I’ve got to do this. I represent the artists that keep it true to what really is, to be able to make rappers want to write.” “I want to show the streets that I’m back and that I’m true to the game. Musically, I want to show that I’m still out here doing my thing. After all the people that were out when I was out years ago fell off, I’m still out here competing with the shorties. I also want to gain platinum success. It’s something that I haven’t done.”
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