Polo Sporting Goods - RetcH
Polo Sporting Goods

RetcH: Polo Sporting Goods mixtape is my last project that I dropped. That was produced entirely by Thelonious Martin and you’ve got Action Bronson, Sulaiman and Ab-Soul on there, plus Da$h. RetcH: What’s my obsession with Polo like? Oh, shit, that’s all I got, you know what I’m saying? I got on some real crispy Polo jeans right now, Polo socks, all the Polo joints! That’s what we do on this side; it’s the lifestyle on this side. Mass Appeal: How did you two meet? Thelonious: RetcH and I met via the Internet. My mans Sulaiman linked us up, then we kicked it at SXSW. RetcH: He was sending me and Da$H beats around the time of La Cienega, and we just took a liking to one another’s talents, and began workin’ on our own shit couple months down the line. Mass Appeal: Did the mixtape end up how you envisioned it? RetcH: It actually came out better than I expected, as far as how widespread the release was, everybody who’s anybody picked it up. Def was happy about that. Thelonious: I knew it’d create a wave like this.
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