Finesse The World - RetcH
Finesse The World

Jersey underground darling, Retchy P, provides a chilling experience of his experience on the streets and using chasing the world rather than having it chase you. He explicitly states his displeasure of the weak rappers out as of late… RetcH has previously worked one-on-one with Chuck Inglish “With the whole Finesse the World thing the whole goal of this project was to break all of that. It would force people to go back and do their research. Finesse the world means making the world work for you, you’re not working for the world. Now it makes niggas go back and do their research, and when they go back it’s them at the crib looking stupid. Like, “Damn, I was trying to put him into this box, but he was doing this from the jump so really he just gassed us.” Now they’re going to be looking at it like, “He came out like this, then he dropped Polo Sporting Goods and we found out the nigga was educated, now he going back to playing dumb.” – RetcH Source
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