Curtis - 50 Cent

Curtis, 50 cent’s third studio album released on September 11, 2007. On this album right here, 50 wanted to do something different and take a subject of him, his life before the fame.As you can say by the album title, this LP is concentrated about Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent. This album came out exactly the same day as Kanye West’s Graduation album so people had the chance to see two huge rap artist go toe to toe in sales competition.In US, Curtis sold 691,000 copies first week,and Graduation sold 957,000 copies first week. Ultimately,Curtis sold overall more than Graduation in worldwide sales. However sales in the U.S. showed 50 Cent’s “Curtis” sold 1,225,000 total in 2007, while Kanye West’s “Graduation” sold 2,116,000 total in 2007. Many features on this album were somewhat surprising to appear on album of 50 cent like Mary J Blige,Nicole Scherzinger,Justin Timberlake,Akon,Robin Thicke…
Distribution of songs on Curtis by producer