The Massacre - 50 Cent
The Massacre

The Massacre is 50 Cent’s second studio album, released on March 3, 2005. The album has one of the biggest first-week sales of all time, moving over 1.14 million units, and thus debuting at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart as a result. It features four top singles, with “Candy Shop,” (#1), “Outta Control (Remix),” (#6), “Disco Inferno,” (#3) and “Just A Lil Bit” (#3). The Massacre received generally positive reviews by music critics, receiving a 66/100 score on Metacritic. At the 2006 Grammy Awards it was nominated for Best Rap Album, but ended up losing to Kanye West’s Late Registration. Originally, the songs “How We Do” and “Hate It Or Love It” were meant to make it on the album, but 50 later gave those to The Game for his The Documentary. At the time The Game had recently signed to Aftermath, and Jimmy Iovine called in 50 to help The Game write some songs. In an interview with XXL Magazine, 50 Cent touched on that creative process; When Jimmy called for me to do it I was like, “Alright, cool, I’ll fix it,” and I gave it The Game. I only worked with him for about, I think, four days. And when I got back the only one that wasn’t done was “How We Do.” ‘Cause Dre produced that one, and when I got the record I made “How We Do,” but I was making it for me. He was in love with “How We Do” and I was like, “Yo, I’ll give him that if you put it out right now.” And we just put it out
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