Let a Lover Drown You - Penny & Sparrow
Let a Lover Drown You

Penny & Sparrow’s third album release, Let a Lover Drown You, takes a look at different lovers and what it means to love and be loved. In an interview published in Vice, Andy discussed the themes of the album: Someone asked us the other day, “Is there a thread that ties all of these songs together in this album?” And I was thinking about it before… thankfully I got to type that one up so I had time to ruminate on it before I just ran my mouth. But what I settled on was that this whole album asks you to look at every one of the loves you’ve ever had in your life and really examine them with an honest pen, as objectively as you can a grading rubric. And I guess our hope is that people would look at the type of love that they take in in their life, and in doing so they would be able to be like, “Hey, what am I subjecting myself to that I don’t need to, that’s unhealthy? And maybe just maybe I’m neck deep in a love that’s bullshit and I don’t need to be anymore. And maybe just maybe I’m a shit ton more than I give myself credit for and I don’t need to subject myself to this any longer.” And so there’s songs on there that are about great love worth waiting for; there’s songs on there that are about really tough love that needs to be avoided; there’s a song on there that’s entirely about being cornered in a party by an ex-lover who throws themselves at you and you have to remind yourself and them that you’re over them, that you’re through. So I think we examined that idea throughout the entire album. It’s like, each one is a tiny glass case with a different lover in it that you have to look at and examine and hopefully learn from. And I think in that—for us anyway—there’s a mourning period where you realise what you’ve put yourself through in the past and what you might currently be putting yourself through. But there’s also a great deal of hope in the sense that I don’t have to stay that way.
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