Heartbreak On a Full Moon - Chris Brown
Heartbreak On a Full Moon

On May 1st, 2016, Chris Brown announced his then upcoming eighth studio album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon in a now-deleted Instagram post. The album was released via all digital platforms on the 31st of October 2017 and physical copies were released on the 3rd of November. The album was certified gold by the RIAA within its first release week, making it the fastest album by a male singer to receive gold certification in 2017. Speaking about the album on Complex, Chris said: So it’s like it’s that superstition around it but imagine just the sorrow or pains of going through life like having to do it alone or having to feel not always as peachy. But sometimes it’s just an embodiment of everything so I just thought Heartbreak On A Full Moon was a depiction of like what my soul wanted to say. It’s funny because we doing a double album…yeah, I’ve done so many songs but all of the record to me are personal favorites and I feel like it gets what I wanna say across and gets – you know – gets just a vibe – you get a nostalgia or you get a sense of individuality of having fun and I really fuck with this nigga’s shit. So like certain songs that are on the album might be songs I just did or songs that I’ve had but it’s but it’s for it’s just it’s always refreshing, it’s like a basketball player working on his jumpshot – you know – by the time he gets it in he’s not gonna count how many jumpshots he took, he gonna be like okay this is my routine…I want to give my audience a wide range of different styles but also still depicting Heartbreak On A Full Moon.
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