Pluto - Future

Future’s debut studio album. It was well received by critics and, as of 2016, has sold 200,000 copies in the US. 5 singles were released, with “Magic (Remix)” making it to number 69 on the US Billboard 100. “Turn on the Lights” made it to number 50. Future, still early in his career, did a lot of press for the record. The most notable interview from this era was an in-depth interview with Complex: That’s why I say “astronaut status” because that’s what I make, timeless music. Astronauts; it’s space. How long does it take to get to space? Timeless! It’s timeless. It’s music that is going to be around forever. That’s the kind of music I make—astronaut music. People don’t understand what I’m saying. It’s big. It’s bigger than life. It takes so long to get to Pluto. It’s not even a planet no more. So when you listen to this music, you got to think outside the box because it’s not going to be a time period. You are going to be listening to this album a year from now and you’ll just be catching up.
Distribution of songs on Pluto by producer