The War Report - Capone-N-Noreaga
The War Report

The War Report is the influential debut album by rap duo Capone N Noreaga (C-N-N for short). The album features the songs “L.A., L.A.”; “T.O.N.Y.”; “Neva Die Alone”; “Driver’s Seat”; “Illegal Life”; “Capone Bone”; “Bloody Money”; “Closer”; “Iraq (See The World)”; & N.O.R.E.’s dedication to Capone, “Live on, Live Long.” Tragedy Khadafi was in many ways the mastermind behind the project and was at the time considered an unofficial third member. He appears on more than half of the album’s songs. Other guest appearances include Imam T.H.U.G., who appeared on the track “Driver’s Seat”; Castro; Mussolini; Mendosa; Troy Outlaw; Mobb Deep. Despite its strong underground overtones, the album was, surprisingly, a commercial success, making 1997’s Hip Hop/R&B Top 5 Considered a street classic by fans and critics,, The War Report’s signature sound was distinctively underground and hardcore for its time, a trademark that garnered street credibility for the group. The unique chemistry of Noreaga’s unorthodox lyrical delivery, combined with Capone’s streetwise slang and Five Percenter references, established the duo as a household name within the hardcore hip hop community. Furthermore, the album created a large and devoted cult following for the group and launched the solo career of Noreaga, who subsequently went on to achieve significant mainstream success (most notably with the Neptunes-produced club anthem “Superthug”).
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