Them Firewater Boyz Vol. 1 - David Banner
Them Firewater Boyz Vol. 1

Them Firewater Boyz Vol. 1 is one of David Banner’s first projects that was released on his independent label Bigface Entertainment. The album was released in 2000. 1 “Flickin' Twankies” (with Burd, Boo, Kamikaze & Marcus) 2 “Firewater Boyz (Radio)” (with Thug Addict, Marcus & Kamikaze) 3 “Welcome To Jackson (Intro)” 4 “Pay Your Dues” (with Kamikaze & Doberman Gang) 5 “Twerk Something (Radio)” (with Jazze Pha) 6 “Living” (with Kamikaze, Devin the Dude & Macaffey) 7 “Lil Jones (Radio)” (with Bone Crusher) 8 “Akmil’s Revenge (Interlude)” 9 “Get Crunk (Radio)” (with Kamikaze & Pimp C) 10 “Uh Huh” (with Young Bleed) 11 “My Little Cousin (Skit)” 12 “Trill” (with Kamikaze) 13 “Dope Popper” (with Kamikaze & Boo) 14 “If I Had A Choice (Radio)” (with Fiend) 15 “Whoomp! Whoompalude!” (with Fiend) 16 “NO! MO!!! (B*@TCH WHAT!!!!)” 17 “Spazz Out” (with Ras Kass) 18 “Joe Smuckatelly (Interlude)” 19 “Ain’t Nothing” (with J Da Groova & Bone Crusher) 20 “Firewater” (with Kamikaze & N.O.R.E.) 21 “Eulogy” (with Polow da Don, Bizzar, Fiend, Kamikaze, Bone Crusher, J Da Groova & Bohagan)
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