The Aftermath - RBX
The Aftermath

After his escape from Death Row, Dr. Dre Presents… The Aftermath was the first project released from Dre’s newly formed label, Aftermath Entertainment. Two singles were released from the project: Dre’s solo track “Been There, Done That” and “East Coast/West Coast Killas,” a coastal unity track featuring Nas, KRS-One, B-Real, and RBX as a crew labeled Group Therapy. The reception of the album was lukewarm, and Dr. Dre said the following about this time period of his life: That point of my life, musically, it was just off balance. I was off track then and trying to find it. It was a period of doubt… It happens with artists. Everything isn’t going to be out of the park. Despite mixed reviews due to uneven production and a lack of star power on the label’s roster, the project achieved platinum status after peaking at #6 on the Billboard 200 chart.
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