Big Willie Style - Will Smith
Big Willie Style

In contrast to the gangsta rap of the early decade, the late 90’s were a time to revel in the excesses of the hip-hop lifestyle. Will Smith is the quintessential “nice guy” who doesn’t even curse in his records, but he certainly has no qualms about rubbing our face in the fact that he is rich beyond all reason. You would be hard pressed to find another emcee around this time who boasts about his life of leisure in such a condescending way. From boasting about how his four year old kid gets to fly in the cockpit on his private jet, to how he can afford to spend his days partying in Miami, Smith never lets you forget that he enjoys all the luxuries of life. His track ‘Don’t Say Nothin’ is all about how he constantly forgets that we don’t know how good he has it because we are not as rich as he is. Now, this is not to say his wealth and fame are not undeserved – quite the opposite. Even he admits, in what passes for humbleness on this record, that he “hustles cause he wants to, not cause he has to” revealing that Smith continues to work hard to justify his good fortune in life.
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