Rico Story 2 Soundtrack - Speaker Knockerz
Rico Story 2 Soundtrack

Rico Story 2, a soundtrack that was based on the YouTube-exclusive short film of the same name, which was also based on the second part of the “Rico Story” trilogy of the same name, as well. The trilogy was performed by none other than the late Speaker Knockerz (1994–2014). The soundtrack (along with Mook’s “What They Gone Do”) was released on what could’ve been Speaker Knockerz’s twenty-first birthday, November 6, 2015. The RS2 OST features guest appearances by such TBG artists and associates alike. They include: Boss Beezy Capo Cheeze Lil Knock Mook PJ da Plague Sisi Dior SkyWalker Swag Hollywood …and last, but not least… The legendary, unforgotten and acclaimed… Speaker Knockerz! Due to this soundtrack being released on both free music sites and online music stores, it is ineligible for a Billboard chart, due to a general rule.
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