No Shame - Hopsin
No Shame

Released on November 24, 2017, No Shame serves as Hopsin’s fifth studio album, which is the first album released on his new record label, Undercover Prodigy, since his departure from Funk Volume back in 2016. “This album is pretty much just karma for people who have screwed me over and done something wrong” – Hopsin The album was originally scheduled to be released in July 2017 under the name “Savageville”; however it has been delayed to November 24 and now has a new title as well. On the context of the album, Hopsin said that it is a “deep, deep, deep dark story about my 2016 year that I lived through” and that “it’s very very personal”; Hopsin further elaborates on this saying that he feels that he has “lost everything around him except for fame and millions of dollars in his bank account” hence he feels like the world is a “dark, lonely place, a land of savages”.
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