Neva Left

Some things Snoop said about this album: “I never left the rap game, despite all the other things that I do whether it’s coaching football, doing TV, movies, my own television show GGN News Network – whatever it is I’m doing, I never left the rap game, like completely step out of it and leave it alone,” “What I wanted to do on this record – and it was a spontaneous move – was to make a record to engulf every phase of Snoop Dogg that you’ve heard over the last 25 years.” “From hearing me on “Deep Cover” to hearing me on The Chronic, to my first album to hearing me with Pharrell to No Limit to the reggae album to a funk album – all the different evolutions of Snoop Dogg. but taking a snippet of each one and enhancing this new record with that same spirit, still keeping it new and fresh.” “So with this record, it’s more about me just doing something that felt good to me. Wasn’t under no pressure. Wasn’t nobody telling me I need to do a record, or I have to do a record,” “I just felt like I wanted to put out some music to represent the generation of hip-hop that I come from, just to let people know that I’m still here and I still do what I do.”
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