Morning After - ​dvsn
Morning After

Morning After is the sophomore album of OVO-affiliated dvsn. While continuing the soulful and glistening sounds found in SEPT. 5TH, their debut album, Morning After deviates from the lust and pain and focuses on love, forgiveness, and longevity. The album presents homages to the R&B history in “Don’t Choose”, where Daley is assisted by Isaac Hayes’ vocals, in “Body Smile”, which evokes Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing”, and in “P.O.V.”, which samples 1999 R. Kelly-produced “Fortunate.” Lastly, this is not just a music album, with visuals playing a crucial role in the experience. Indeed, dvsn released three video trailers (#1, #2, #3) in anticipation to the release, and in an interview they said: Visuals are important to us because we know music opens the door to the unknown. Your mind automatically starts to fill in the blanks and create what you would want to see while listening to our music.
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