Baron Foyel - MeLo-X
Baron Foyel

Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, Baron Foyel is the first full length release under Alejandra Ghersi’s Arca project. Released for DIS Magazine, the mix includes tracks from Baron Libre, Stretch 2, and Mutant, as well as many unreleased remixes and originals. Baron Foyel marks a significant change from Ghersi’s previous output as Nuuro. Her final album under the Nuuro project in 2009, The Reddest Ruby, was a synthpop album with an experimental tinge, featuring her early singing voice. Since then, Ghersi started posting odds and ends to her Soundcloud account as Arca, with Baron Foyel being the first collection of her newly hiphop focused material. Many tracks on the mix feature twisted and repitched samples of 90s and 00s hiphop and pop songs, with a higher bass presence and more futuristic beats.
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