Scorpion - Drake

Scorpion is Canadian rapper Drake’s fifth solo studio album. With a whopping total of 25 songs, it is a double-sided project; the first side is solely dedicated to rap whilst the other incorporates more of an R&B style. It is possible that Drake leaked the album’s title in an October 2017 Instagram post in which the caption was a sole scorpion emoji, although the official teaser was released through an Instagram post on April 16, 2018. On June 13, 2018, the album cover and the release date was officially teased via Drake’s Instagram post. Billboards were placed all over Drake’s hometown of Toronto, Ontario promoting this album in June 2018. The advertisements also teased that Scorpion would be a double-sided project. On June 28, 2018—only a few hours before the release of the album, Drake announced the official tracklist via Instagram. Along with the release of the album, Drake posted a message on Apple Music under the EDITORS' NOTES section: I HATE WHEN DRAKE RAPS DRAKE SINGS TOO MUCH DRAKE IS A POP ARTIST DRAKE DOESN’T EVEN WRITE HIS OWN SONGS DRAKE TOOK AN L DRAKE DIDN’T START FROM THE BOTTOM DRAKE IS FINISHED I LIKE DRAKE’S OLDER STUFF DRAKE MAKES MUSIC FOR GIRLS DRAKE THINKS HE’S JAMAICAN DRAKE IS AN ACTOR DRAKE CHANGED ANYBODY ELSE > DRAKE … YEAH YEAH WE KNOW These are common phrases and criticism from people who don’t support Drake. He acknowledges their appearance and hate, but doesn’t think much of it. Therefore, he put the phrases together and used it as a ‘fire back’ against his haters. The title was likely inspired by Drake’s Zodiac sign, Scorpio. This theory is backed up by another Instagram post featuring a chain with a scorpion on top of a Zodiac circle. With this album, Drake responds to Pusha-T’s “The Story of Adidon,” admitting that he does in fact have a child with porn star Sophie Brussaux, and with the final track, discusses how he is disappointed with himself for being a single father, something he always told himself that he would never be after his father Dennis left his mother when he was young. Scorpion is not Drake’s first acknowledgment of his Zodiac sign in his discography. On his 2006 mixtape Room for Improvement, there is a song titled “A Scorpio’s Mind.”
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