Marshmello Fortnite Extended Set (DJ Mix) - FISHER (AU)
Marshmello Fortnite Extended Set (DJ Mix)

Fortnite is a massive gaming phenomenon developed by Epic Games in which 100 players from around the world fight in a post-apocalyptic island until only one is left standing. On Febuary 2nd, 2019, Epic Games collaborated with American DJ/producer Marshmello to put together an in-game event, complete with a Marshmello skin, pickaxe, special emotes, and a 10-minute concert from the man himself. 10 million players who attended the concert, along with many more who made it to the encore show and those who were watching on platforms like YouTube and Twitch were mesmerized by how the team at Epic were able to achieve such an amazing feat without any server errors or crashing while also giving us a glimpse into the future of concerts. On the same day as the concert, a 30-minute extended cut of the set was released on Apple Music, featuring more songs from artists like Gammer, Jauz, San Holo, Valentino Khan, and Spag Heddy.
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